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  • The submission of abstracts is open.
  • Deadline is June 30th  , 2019.
  • Abstracts shall be submitted electronically through the COECSA 2019 website.
  • The abstract must be written in English EXCEPT abstracts submitted specifically for the Francophone symposium which can be in either English or French.
  • The title or text is not to indicate the country of origin, unless it is pertinent to the topic.
  • Maximum 300 words / 2000 characters (including spaces but excluding the title and contact information of authors).
  • The structure of the abstract should be as follows:
    • Classification*­– e.g. Epidemiology/Diabetic Retinopathy e.g. Ophthalmic Education (See * below for more info on classification)
    • Authors and their contact information
    • Title – e.g. 4-year incidence of DR in an African Cohort
    • Purpose – Aim of investigation.
    • Methods – Study design, patients, methods of investigation and analysis, etc.
    • Results – Results of research with specific data and statistical significance.
    • Conclusions – Conclusions drawn from the results obtained.  Statements like “results are under discussion” are not acceptable.
  • Figures, tables or images are NOT to be included in the abstract.

*Classify the abstract with the topic which best describes the abstract e.g.cataract. Abstracts that fit the objectives of the themed sessions will be included in those sessions if selected, while those that do not fit will be presented in the Open session as free papers if selected.

Send your abstract to the chair of the scientific committee via